Who We Are

The beginning was 1956.

Arthur W. Curtis became involved in the rebar business as a partner in Taylor Steel in Southern Nevada. Nearly a decade later in 1964, he ventured out on his own and founded “A.W. Curtis Reinforcing Steel”.

From 1965 and forward, his son Arthur B. Curtis began working while still finishing school. It was truly important to Arthur W. Curtis that his basic philosophy of “Your word means everything” be followed. He would say “Do not promise anything you can’t deliver” and ”Don’t make promises you can’t keep”. These basics set the “Standard of Excellence” for our Company Policy.

By 1970, Arthur B. Curtis became involved full time and saw the opportunity to expand the product line to tubing and hot-roll products. It was also at this time the company name was officially changed to “Curtis Steel Co. Inc.” In 1974, we built our first warehouse boasting 21,000 square feet under roof. This was the true start to becoming a “Steel Service Center”.

From 1974 to 1988 Curtis Steel sustained incredible growth and saw the need to expand to a second warehouse affording us over 108,000 square feet of space. The visions of Arthur B. Curtis coupled with the hard work of dedicated employees has been one of Curtis Steels’ greatest attributes.

As the new millennium arose, third generation Adam B. Curtis became involved with an ambitious focus on customer service and growth. With the largest inventory in our companies’ history, Curtis Steel is now over 335,000 square feet and our service area has expanded to weekly deliveries in neighboring states.

Today, Curtis Steel strives to be the best customer oriented service center in the South West. We are committed to providing our customers quality service regardless of how big or small your order may be.